How it works

  1. You tell us what game and what event you would like to have data for

  2. Our specially trained data analysts capture game event data in our database using our proprietary data entry forms and integrated game API analyzers

  3. You access the data via our easy to use, custom APIs and reports


For our API driven games, data validation is conducted real time using the logs provided by the API. Our data entry games are a little different. While we pride ourselves on the integrity and attention to detail of our data analysts, it's possible to make mistakes. That's why we validate our data against the most official sources for each game. While exact validation steps depend on the game, we essentially validate using two steps:

  1. Our data analysts take periodic screenshots at key points in the game (e.g., scoreboard, captures between rounds or at the end of the game) to have a game-level certainty of the data

  2. The data is spot checked against the official game log data provided by either the event organizer or via match demo/replay or both (depending on availability)

In addition, Stats.GG has an internal tracking mechanism so that our data analyst managers can observe how closely the analysts are adhering to these checks. This is how we maintain some of the best analysts in the industry